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Interview with Alexandr Berdnik General Manager Of Agroliga Group
Monday, 26 September 2016

Mr Berdnik, the information about the Company’s plans to begin the construction of a new oil extraction plant appeared on the AGROLIGA GROUP site. Could you give the details on the project?

Answering your question I would like to mention that the launch of the extraction process and the production extension of 2017 is a part of our corporate strategy and, if my memory serves me, we published the road map for this project in 2011 so this is not exactly news (laughs). But, speaking seriously, this project is a top-priority for us and having the tight schedule to carry it out we have to work hard. We plan to triple the processing capacity to 10000 ton/month and to launch the new extraction line.

We will start the first stage by the new season of 2017. Having launched the new plant our share in the vegetable oil market will reach 10 – 12%.

You are planning to increase the processing capacity but, it is hardly a secret, that there are a lot of sun flower processing plants, and the aggregate production of sun flower seeds cannot satisfy the growing demand for raw materials. Are you apprehensive that you will have to compete with bigger players on the market?

The market of sun flower oil has always been very competitive but today the processing capacity is not the main advantage in the competition. I would like to highlight to decisive factors which are applying new technologies and the shortest logistic root of delivering the raw materials.

The preferable location of our plant in the centre of districts where sun flower is traditionally harvested gives us the advantages in raw materials accessibility. The launch of the extraction line will allow 10% increasing of the oil output comparatively with the press technology of oil production.  And at the output instead of cake we will have sun flower meal with 38% of protein content and remaining oil content not exceeding 0,5-1%. These factors and our long-standing experience allow us speaking of the competition with such big players at the market as Kernel, Glencore or Cargill.


Your site informs that at the launch the plant will be one of the most technologically advanced enterprises on the market. What innovations will be applied and how do you estimate the integrated value of the project?

The total financing amounts to $ 9 mln., 6.7 mln. of which will be financed from the attracted external sources of funding.

The innovation of technological decisions will allow:

- the possibility to change the volume of the raw materials processing from 100 000 ton to 180000 without additional investments into the equipment (second line) and with small investments the capacity can be increased to 280000 ton / year;

- the possibility to reset the equipment for production of soy and canola oils without additional investments into the equipment.

The project is ambitious. Could you tell me what have been already done?

We have accomplished a lot but there is great work ahead. Today we have a building site with all necessary engineering lines and systems including railways. The permission and technical documentation is almost ready. Through the work of the financial department we were able to attract the finances necessary for the project investment, and the first preliminary payments for manufacturing and delivery of the equipment have been made. The earth-works are being performed on the building site because it is important to construct the foundations before winter comes.