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Spring works
Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Agro-industrial Group “AgroligaGroup” is completely ready to begin the spring field works.

“It is obvious that a good harvest depends significantly on the invested resources – material and human – and tightening the purse strings on these components is unacceptable. We remember the folk wisdom ‘You reap what you sow’. Therefore, we sow only quality seed materials from well known manufacturers of Syngenta, Limagrain, KBC. We put into operation highly efficient machinery equipped with the latest GPS navigation technology, and all personnel took regular specialized training. This year we plan to crop about 3000 hectares with sunflower and corn, 1000 hectares with barley, and 600 hectares with corn,” Alexander Berdnik, President of AgroligaGroup told us.

“There are no trifles in the preparation for spring sowing, it is important what you sow, but what is more important is to do it on time. The seeds, fertilizers, and fuel – everything should be provided in advance in order to sow in the optimal period of time,” Alexander Berdnik adds.

“In our country, agricultural business is not a boring and measured one, but a GAME starting with a capital letter. It involves gambling with circumstances which are hard to predict and difficult to change. There are no ready-made universal solutions or preplanned invariably winning strategies. No one can guarantee that the seeds sown in the autumn will overwinter, sprout, slaughter and give a good harvest. In spite of all anticipated difficulties, in autumn we sowed about 3,400 hectares of fields with winter crops including 58% of wheat, 31% rape, 11% barley. The undamaged condition of the sprouts after wintering is approximately 95%. Favorable weather conditions in the winter of 2016/2017 allow us to hope for the high yields.” the chief agronomist, Vladimir Drachuk, shared his opinion.